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A very good brand: "Geisenheimer"

„Geisenheimers“– a strong network! What are alumni?

Alumni are people who have spent part of their lives in a particular company, university or school. Apprentices, current and past students as well as former employees can all profit from an alumni network. The word “alumnus / alumna” (plural: alumni; Latin for “pupil”, from “alere”, meaning ‘to nourish’, ‘to rear’) comes from Latin, and indicates the (male) pupil of an “Alumnat” (a school or other educational institution)

At Geisenheim University we define alumni as former students or scientists who spent a major part of their student life or scientific career at Geisenheim University. These are people who have studied here, graduated from here, our PhD students and graduates, teaching and research staff, and, of course, also exchange students, whose time here in Geisenheim helped shape their futures.

The VEG-Geisenheim Alumni Association e.V., which has been providing a valuable network since 1894, is one of the oldest and strongest alumni associations in Germany.

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