Beverage Technology: a practice-oriented degree

Scientific and technical competence

The food and drinks industry is the biggest employer in Germany. In no other area of industry are there so many people employed directly and indirectly, and the beverage industry forms a large part of this.

A degree in Beverage Technology from Geisenheim gives our students an optimal start in this important sector of the food industry. 

Beverage Technology as part of a combined training

Since winter semester 2013/14, we offer the possibility to study for a ‘combined‘ degree in Beverage Technology, aimed at those students who are looking for an academic degree combined with extensive work experience in a company.
One of the specialties of this method of studying is a long internship before the degree course, followed by two further internship periods between the second and third, and the fourth and fifth semesters during the degree program.

The academic degree program follows the regular Beverage Technology program; a physical-chemical foundation is built upon and expanded into a sound knowledge of biochemistry and microbiology, after which students are instructed in process engineering of liquid foodstuffs, comprising, among other processes, the concentration of fruit juices and beer filtration, as well as bottling of sparkling wine.

The production of the products themselves, naturally plays a big part in the degree program, and lectures, seminars and practical exercises are all designed to increase the knowledge of production techniques in the areas of fruit juice, beer, spirits, wine and sparkling wine. This theoretical knowledge base is then put into practice in pilot and semi-commercial projects. The students produce fruit juices and fruit drinks, distillates, sparkling wine and, of course, beer in our beverage center, all the while increasing their independent commercial awareness, with the aim of eventually producing marketable products, including the finalities of bottling and compliance with current food laws.

The combined degree underlines practical application of the theory, and is therefore equally interesting for companies investing in this training, as it is for students who are interested in dealing with challenging problems relatively early in their training.

The success of this combined degree is shouldered equally by the Hochschule Geisenheim University, the beverage company as well as the student, and thus, a contract is signed by all 3 parties before the outset of the degree, setting out the general and financial conditions.   

Before the final apprenticeship exams, the students are given extra crash-course instruction covering any gaps in ‘trade’ knowledge, thus ensuring they are equally well-prepared for these 'non-academic' exams. The technical final exam is held parallel to the ‘Fruit juice technician’ exams, in Geisenheim, run by the Chamber of Commerce.

After graduation, the students have numerous options open to them: from graduate-entry in a company or gaining work-experience abroad, to continuing with post-graduate education, in a Master program such as the one offered by Gießen and Geisenheim.