Experts in Outdoor Spaces

Landscape Architecture - designing aesthetically-pleasing spaces

The work of landscape architecture can be found everywhere, and we are confronted with it as soon as we leave our homes. We use it, appreciate it and encounter it every day, be it in the varied open spaces incorporated in our towns and suburbs, undeveloped areas, natural landscapes, forests, water.

These are the workplaces of landscape architects; public spaces, the green lungs of our cities, parks and commons, gardens and historic sites, cemeteries and playing fields; these areas are where landscape architects must decide on which plants would be best-suited to the position.

Further to this are the bigger projects; planting of woodlands, sustaining and developing forests, wetlands and meadows. Supporting work in national parks, wildlife parks and nature reserves is also part of the area of landscape architecture, dealing with the current big issues and the challenges of bio-diversity, protection of species and habitats, wetland protection and climate change.

The main important pillars of landscape architecture are

  • Open space planning of public parks and gardens in towns and villages, with its associated design and social challenges.
  • Garden and landscape construction projects
  • Nature conservation and environmental control of the sustainability of natural resources and bio-diversity, as well as ecological concepts for protected areas.