Validating the Student Card

What does “validate” mean?

Once you have received your Student Card you should validate it at one of our two validation devices (also known in German as Validierer from the Latin term ‘validus’ = “effective, active”)in order to activate it. You’ll find the validation devices in the campus building. When the card is validated, information on the period of validity and an optional public transport ticket (SemesterTicket/JobTicket) are printed onto the card’s lower, white thermo-rewrite strip. These are always only printed stamps and it is thus not possible for RMV to record your journeys.

Tips on validation

  • Always remove any card-holder or cover before inserting the card into the validation device. Please make sure that the card is not warped or dirty. The lower white strip must not be scratched, soiled or greasy.
  • If the white strip becomes so scratched or soiled that the printed information is no longer legible, you can apply for a new card at the Admissions Office. You should always bring the old card with you, because otherwise we will be unable to replace your card free of charge. The old card will be withdrawn and any remaining privately uploaded credit transferred to your private bank account via a form. Existing credit uploaded via cost centers can be transferred to the new card.
  • Please never write on the card yourself and do not stick anything onto the card. Never try to correct illegible data on the thermo-rewrite strip using a pen. Any manipulation of the card can lead to prosecution for falsification of documents by the RMV and the Federal Police (Bundespolizei).

When does the Student Card have to be validated?

The stamp on the Student Card must be renewed each semester in order to extend the validity period of the Student Card and SemesterTicket. Even if you don’t wish to use the RMV-AStA-SemesterTicket function and you apply to the Admissions Office for exemption from part of the semester fee, you’ll still have to validate your Student Card so that the validity date of the current semester can be printed on the card.


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