RMV SemesterTicket

The Student Card includes the SemesterTicket, which is your travel pass within the RMV and RNN regional transport network areas, the cross-network zones and for the Ingelheim-Oestrich-Winkel ferry. All forms of RMV transport can be used (with the exception of IC, EC, IR and ICE trains). To travel beyond the regional network areas you can purchase special onward travel tickets (Anschlussfahrkarten) valid from the border stops.

Please Note:

The conditions of carriage and fare regulations of the regional transport networks apply.
In order to use the RMV SemesterTicket you must first pay your semester fee via bank transfer. You will then need to renew your electronic Student Card with the RMV-SemesterTicket for the coming semester at one of the validation devices. The lower strip on your electronic Student Card is for the RMV SemesterTicket stamp. This is printed onto the card when it is validate and updated at each re-registration. Please note that the transfer of semester fee payments can take up to 5 days, depending on the bank!

The Student Card does not carry a digital RMV SemesterTicket, but simply a printed stamp authorizing the holder to travel on RMV services. It is thus not possible for RMV to monitor your journeys.
No time gap occurs when you renew your Student Card for the next semester, which means you can travel continuously.

You can extend the validity of your Student Card as soon as you have successfully re-registered.
The RMV SemesterTicket stamp is printed on the thermo-rewrite strip on your Student Card. This strip is sensitive to friction and sweat and must be handled with care so that subsequent stamps remain legible. Careful handling also protects the embedded antenna and microchip. We recommend a hard plastic holder. You should avoid using flexible plastic card-holders, as their chemical components often damage the sensitive surface of the card.

Refund of the SemesterTicket fee

Eligible students can apply to the Admissions Office for exemption from part of their fees, but this means they lose their entitlement to use the RMV SemesterTicket. The initial payment must still be made, but under certain circumstances this can be reimbursed upon application.

If you choose to be reimbursed you must still validate your Student Card so that the validity date of the current semester is printed on the card. Some institutions, such as museums, offer student discounts. In order to take advantage of these, you require a valid Student ID Card.

Further information on this is available directly from the Admissions Office


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