Lost, stolen or faulty?

If your card is lost or stolen

You should immediately report the loss of your Student Card to the Admissions Office.
The card will then be deactivated. If the card is not deactivated, third parties can still use it to borrow books at the lending desks or using the library’s self-service system. Please be aware that we cannot lock the electronic wallet function. Credit that has been loaded onto your card is like cash and cannot be refunded.

If you lose your smartcard there is a €35 fee for a replacement card. To apply for a replacement card, please send the following form together with the remittance slip for the replacement fee to the Admissions Office:

Application for a replacement card

If your card is faulty

The SemesterTicket and validity period are printed on the card’s rewriteable thermo strip. This strip is sensitive to friction and sweat and must be handled with care so that subsequent printing remains legible.

To avoid misunderstandings with the ticket inspectors, please ensure that the strip remains clearly legible.

Should the printing on the strip become illegible, please apply to the Admissions Office for a new Student Card. This is free of charge if you hand in your old card. We recommend that you keep your card in a hard plastic holder. You should avoid using flexible plastic card-holders, as their chemical components often damage the sensitive surface of the card.

If you are charged the €40 penalty fare by a ticket collector this will (unless completely dropped) always be reduced to €7 if you prove (by presenting your valid Student Card) within one week to the transport company to whom you paid or owe the penalty fare, that you were in possession of a valid Student Card and SemesterTicket at the time. RMV Common Conditions of Carriage, Section 8 (Penalty Fares) paragraphs 1 and 5.


Should the card’s integrated Mifare chip fail or any other card fault occur, the card must be submitted to the Admissions Office for clarification.

Faulty or non-functioning cards will be replaced free of charge, unless this is due to careless damage on the part of the student, in which case a replacement fee will be charged. The cards are produced and personalized by the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and then sent to the Admissions Office of Hochschule Geisenheim University where they can be collected. It takes between 3 and 5 working days to produce and send the cards. To cover this period we will provide you with a paper student ID booklet (Leporello). The SemesterTicket included can only be used together with a valid photo ID.  Please bring your national identity card or passport with you when you collect your Student Card. The cards can only be issued to the recipient in person upon surrender of the paper SemesterTicket.

The original image data will be used for the updating and personalization of the Student Card.

Storage and handling recommendations

To ensure the proper functioning of the card please observe the following recommendations on storage and handling:

  • the card should be stored flat.
  • the card should not be bent or folded.
  • e.g. it should not be kept unprotected in a back pocket and it is generally not advisable to keep the card in a wallet in a back pocket.
  • we strongly advise you to keep the card in a protective cover.
  • as the smart card is outside a controlled environment when in use, it must be assumed that any malfunction is due to inappropriate handling of the card. In this case the issue of a replacement card will be charged to the student. The fee for a replacement card is 35 Euros.
  • the card should not be exposed to high temperatures (e.g. left in the sun or washed in a washing machine).
  • the smartcard should not be scratched or otherwise damaged (misused as an ice scraper, perforated, damaged by a wallet’s stud fastener, etc.)
  • the SemesterTicket stamp must be valid and clearly legible. The stamp can be renewed at one of the validation devices.




For any questions please contact:

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