Electronic Wallet

You can use the electronic wallet function in your Student Card’s contactless Mifare-microchip to make cashless payments in the university canteen (Mensa). You can load money to your electronic wallet at the special machines of the student services (Studentenwerk). A maximum amount of 50 Euros can loaded onto the microchip. The individual payments are anonymous and are processed via the canteen’s checkout system.

Payment is also possible at other canteens of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt am Main. To top up your Student Card you’ll need your EC card and PIN. The cash upload machine at Hochschule Geisenheim University is located in the lobby of the campus building, opposite the entrance to the canteen.
The credit on your card should be treated like cash, so if the card is lost there is no refund. Exception: if the card is faulty your money will be refunded.

For payment and reimbursement of credit from the electronic wallet after it expires or in case of loss, please contact the Studentenwerk Frankfurt directly:

In future we plan to extend the use of the electronic wallet function to Hochschule Geisenheim University’s printing and copying system, but this is not yet possible. Credit and cards for the printing and copying system are still dealt with by Mr. Klaus Stettler in the media centre.

Please Note:

When topping up your card please remain patient at each transaction and wait until you are asked to remove the card, or until the card is released by the card-reader!

Should you remove the card from the card-reader before the payment transaction has been completed, the electronic wallet function will be disabled for further top-up and payment transactions until you have successfully completed the payment transaction at that particular machine.


For any questions please contact:

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