Leave of Absence

In accordance with §8 of Hessen’s University Enrollment Regulation (Immatrikulationsverordnung), dated 24.02.2010, last amended by the Regulation dated 23.04.2013 (GVBI p. 191 dated 17.05.2013), leave of absence can only be granted for serious and compelling reasons, e.g.:

  1. where illness prevents proper academic study,
  2. for the completion of a study-related internship which is not part of the degree course,
  3. for a study-related stay abroad,
  4. for a period of maternity leave in accordance with the German Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz), for a period of parental leave (Elternzeit) in accordance with §15 of the Federal Child-Raising Allowance Act (Bundeserziehungsgeldgesetz), for periods of medically approved care of dependent relatives,
  5. membership of a national squad (A, B, C or D/C squad) of one of the central sports associations of the Deutscher Sportbund.
  6. participation as an appointed or elected representative in an academic or student self-government body.

Applications for leave of absence must be made in writing, stating reasons and, with the exception of cases 1 and 4, submitted by the deadlines specified on the application form. The required supporting documents should be attached.  Students who have been granted leave of absence must still pay the semester fee(s) for the respective semester(s) by the due date.

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Part-Time Study

The following information refers to the option of applying for part-time study within the context of a full-time degree course, an opportunity provided for by Hessen’s Immatrikulationsverordnung (Enrollment Regulation).

Degree courses which are designed as part-time courses are not affected by the following regulations.

Further information on part-time study