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Beverage Technologies

Annual Reviews (Archive)

Full text database
Contains critical scientific reviews of current research in biology, chemistry, medicine and physics, published by Annual Reviews.


Full text database
Contains reference works, journals, case law, commentaries and formularies of all fields of law.
Modules licensed to Geisenheim are labor law,  planning and building laws and regulations, law of local government (Hesse), legal protection of industrial property, law of foodstuffs, environmental law, administrative law and civil law.

Brauwelt Online

Factual database
Contains facts, business information and statistics of national and international brewing industries and the journal "Brauwelt" in full text.

Brewing Science

Full text database
Contains the journal "Brewing Science" as well as other journal articles in full text and links to national and international organisations, universities, research centers and databases.


Bibliographic database, full text database
Contains literature references and abstracts of agricultural fields such as cultivation of plants, soil science, biotechnology, forestry, environmental science, nutrition and food science compiled by CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International), including the journal CAB Reviews in full text.

Collection of articles about wine and beverage technology

Bibliographic database
Contains references of literature on wine analysis, beverage research and viticulture, compiled by former Geisenheim research center of beverage technology and viticulture.

Euromonitor Passport

Factual database
Contains analyses, statistics, company profiles, market and economic data in the fields of beer, spirits and wine, compiled by Euromonitor International Ltd.
Modules licensed to Geisenheim are "Alcoholic Drinks" (beer, spirits, wine) und "Luxury Goods" (fine wines/ champagne and spirits).


Factual database
Contains market and industry reports, national regulations and international agreements in all fields of wine business, as well as information on production, labeling, taxation, marketing etc., compiled by the International Federation of Wines and Spirits (FIVS). Login Information

Google Scholar

Citation index
Contains literature references of journals and repositories of scientific publishers and societies, with citation analyses and well-known Google ranking.

HeBIS- Portal

The Hessische BibliotheksInformationsSystem is the electronic information and service union of academic libraries in Hessen and parts of the Rhineland Palatinate with one central catalog and national research options.

Langenscheidt Online-Dictionaries

Dictionary, full text database
Contains eight volumes of "Duden" and 50 general, technical and specialised dictionaries in 21 different languages.

Contains references of literature, research information and full texts in the fields of medicine, healthcare, nutrition and agri-food sciences. Sources are catalogs, databases, journals and websites. The service is provided by ZB MED Leibniz Information Centre for Life Sciences.


Bibliographic database
Contains references of literature on agricultural science, entomology, plant production, forestry, food technology, environmental protection and geosciences, compiled by National Agricultural Library (United States Department of Agriculture).


Bibliographic database
Contains references of publications of research centers and departments related to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.


Bibliographic database
Contains references of European and Russian grey literature (research information, dissertations, conference proceedings, etc.) in the fields of economics, technics, natural and social sciences, provided by Institut de l’Information Scientifique et Technique.

Organic eprints

Full text database
Contains references and full texts of international scientific publications and research information on organic food and farming, provided by the International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS).

Sachon Journals Archive

Full text database
Contains the journals Brauindustrie, Getränkefachgroßhandel, Getränkeindustrie, Brewing and Beverage Industry International from 1998 to present, provided by Sachon Publishing.


Bibliographic database, full text database
Contains literature references, abstracts and some full texts of journals, series and books of Elsevier Publishing, concerning biology, chemistry, nutrition, forestry, agri-food science, environmental sciences and economies.

Factual database
Contains statistical data and market and economic data in the fields of agriculture, administration, social issues, etc., provided by Statista GmbH.

Vitis-VEA - Viticulture and Enology Abstracts

Bibliographic database
Contains literature references and abstracts of viticultural and enology topics, compiled by the Julius-Kühn-Institute (JKI).

Web of Science

Bibliographic database, citation index
Contains references of international literature on sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities and comprehensive citation analyses, provided by Thomson Reuters Publishing.

Full text database, bibliographic database
Contains references of literature on economics and social sciences, e-books and journals in full text (see source list), as well as company profiles and market data, provided by GBI-Genios Wirtschaftsdatenbank GmbH.

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