The collections of the Library of Geisenheim University and the department libraries include more than 134,000 items (state 2015) of scientific and academic sources, mostly monographs and journals.

Monographs are in the open-access-area as well as in the non-open-stack of the library. All items are sorted bny topic using a leading letter (e.g. T stand sfor Viticulture, U stands for Beverage Technologies) followed by a title related number. Letters and numbers combined are part of the shelving system and can be researched in the catalogs.

Periodicals of the recent year are alphabetically sorted in open-access-shelves on the upper level. Bound back copies of periodicals can also be found on the upper level and the non-open-stack-room. They are sorted by topic using leading letters (e.g. Ab stands for Viticulture & Enology).

The library collection, as part of the Handbook of historic book stocks, is bringing to the present more than 130 years old written history of Geisenheim Research Center (now called Geisenheim University) with a clear focus on Viticulture & Enology, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.

Beside scientific writings the library offers a large variety of academic writings. This includes general textbooks and fundamental books of the Geisenheim branches. Students can benefit from a large variety of writings on how to work scientifically. Further items provided: legal texts, reference books and dictionaries.

There is always a very strong demand for thesis written by the graduates of the University. These thesis, usually with abstracts, are part of the non-open-access-shelving in the stack-room. They are managed in two different catalogs and can be viewed and examined in the library if unrestricted access is granted by the author. Thesis cannot be borrowed. Please ask a librarian to get access to unrestricted thesis.

For researching our collection please use the electronic-catalog-search (OPAC). It´s available via Internet.

Registered users have online-access to a large variety e-journals and research databases.

The Library of Geisenheim University is part of the Interlibrary Loan System of german libraries. Registered users have the opportunity to lend items not in stock in Geisenheim from any participating library in Germany. External users of other participating libraries are also able to lend items from our library.



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