Support for Refugees

Hochschule Geisenheim University operates a refugee-friendly policy, which is also a clear statement against xenophobia.  Since August 2016 two new projects: “Integra” and “Welcome”, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), provide support for academically qualified refugees, helping them integrate and preparing them for potential university study.

The project offers a free 12-week German course for academically qualified refugees from Geisenheim and the local area.  Up to 20 people are currently using this service.

In this project, refugees are supported by students, who offer them advice and guidance on everyday matters.  They help them get to know the area, fill in forms and documents or help with translations. If necessary, the students accompany refugees to appointments with authorities and doctors or go shopping with them.  In addition, these student mentors provide information about studying at the Geisenheim campus.

Many features of the projects “Geisenheim international – study&more”, funded by the ESF and the State of Hessen, and “Study&Work”, funded by the Stifterverband and the Federal Government Commissioner for the New Federal States are now also open to refugees.

Volunteer work

All interested and motivated HGU students can apply, stating their interests and skills and their preferred area of deployment.  Upon agreement and where needed, the volunteers will be assigned to refugees in need of support.  The project aims to support the existing refugee relief effort in Geisenheim and the local area.  Anyone wishing to be part of this project can apply to the International Office at any time.

Integration coordinator

Language Center

Coordinator German as a Foreign Language