Learn Japanese or Chinese at Geisenheim University

The Language Center will be offering beginners' courses in Japanese  and Chinese in winter semester 2016/17.

If you are interested in learning either of these languages, and, of course, the cultural aspects connected with the countries, why not join the class?

Let me know, or register in StudIP.




German Language Courses

Sufficient knowledge of the German language is a basic requirement for foreign students following a degree course in German at Geisenheim University. For students who would like to brush up their German skills while studying, the Language Center offers free German courses.

The following courses and levels will take place, depending on the levels of the students:



B1, B2, C1 (will be decided depending on levels)

The teacher is Frau Agi Meisl-Faust. For further information, please send her an email: Agi.meislfaust@hs-gm.de or ask in the Language Center.