Product Quality

Abbildung Forschungsschwerpunkt Produktqualität

  • Influences of resource application on the external quality, inner quality and sensory characteristics of various vegetable crops.
  • Non-destructive methods for determination the valuable compounds of vegetables
  • Modeling of crop growth, product quality and yield

Determining the Water Supply

Abbildung Forschungsschwerpunkt Wasserbedarf

  • GS-Mobil:
    Updating the Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling
  • Sustainability and protection of natural resources:
    BLE pilot project „Demonstrating the efficiency enhancement of irrigation techniques and scheduling in outdoor vegetable production”
  • Asparagus:
    Interaction of water supply and canopy architecture and its influence on yield and quality

Climate Impact Research

  • "INKLIM Climate Change Induced Changes in Water Demand and Leaching of Nitrate for Vegetable Production in Hessian Reed"
    In cooperation with: Hessian Agency for Environment and Geology, Hessian Centre for Climate Change and DLR Rheinpfalz
  • FACE:
    Interaction of increased concentration of hydrocarbon and reduced water supply on yield, constituents and water balance of vegetable crops
    In cooperation with: JLU Gießen
  • FACE - modeling:
    CO2 x water supply = WUE + yield + quality?


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