Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling

The evolution of the Geisenheimer Irrigation Scheduling

Climatic Water Balance

With the Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling it is very easy to calculate the water demand of vegetable crops.

To irrigate vegetable crops following the "Geisenheimer Irrigation Scheduling" method you need to have:

  • kc-values (see pdf-file)
  • Penman-evapotranspiration and
  • the local precipitation

The following pdf-files (english) shows crop coefficients for many vegetables:

Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling - using the FAO56 PENMAN-Monteith equation

Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling - using the original PENMAN-equation

Through continous observation of the development of the plants, it is possible to see which development stage should currently be considered for the calculations.


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