1. Die Hessenlampe

Fig 1: (A) Prototyp Plasmalight           (B) Lightspectrum A Class Lamp (black line) in comparison to natural light spectrum (100 µmol/m²s)
Fig 1: (A) Prototyp Plasmalight (B) Lightspectrum A Class Lamp (black line) in comparison to natural light spectrum (100 µmol/m²s)

Development of an energy-efficient Plant Light with Plasma-Technology for Horticultural Production

The aim of this project is the development of a high-efficient plasma light for horticultural production.. Currently Plasma International GmbH produces electrodeless plasma lights for general use with an efficiency up to 120lm/W and a spectrum similar to the sun (CRI max.99). To make this technology useful for horticultural needs in greenhouses, light technique needs to be developed further by Consortial Leader Aurion Anlagentechnik and its partner Plasma International.  ...more

2. Hortinlea

(Horticultural Innovation and Learning for Improved Nutrition and Livelihood in East Africa)


Physiological and molecular investigations of African leafy vegetables for quality assurance and losses reductionin postharvest management

African indigenous leafy vegetables (ALV) play a significant role in food security in Africa. They are mainly produced by small-scale farmers and are marketed or traded locally, regionally or even internationally. Currently, the magnitude of postharvest losses of AVLs in Kenya can reach up to 50%, depending on the product.  ...more

3. ProKonZier

Project team
Project team

Sustainable Production and use of ornamental Plants

Development of new products and production methods based on consumer surveys ...more

Cooperation with University of Applied Science Weihenstephan-Triesdorf

4. Greenwall Systems for Interior Landscaping

Development and testing of vertical systems for interior landscaping

Project management: Dr. Heinz-Dieter Molitor

Projekt partners: Fa. Vulcatec, Amytis-Modulogreen...more


Mikrobiological Optimisation of substrates

Cooperation with the Institute of phytomedicine

Projekt management: Dr. Walter Wohanka, Dr. Heinz-Dieter Molitor

Project partner: Substratindustrie, Gütegemeinschaft Substrate...more

6. Nutrient Dynamics in Citrus as a container plant

Project management: Dr. Heinz-Dieter Molitor, Dörte Strecke-Ehlers

Project partner: N.N....more

7. Water Balance of Trees in Urban Areas

Master Student Konstantin Lang and Dr. Martin Leberecht climbed in Freiburg an approximately 63 m high Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) - one of the tallest trees in Germany - to record ultrasonic emissons in four different levels above ground. Ultrasonic emissons in trees are caused by cavitations (gas bubbles in the water-bearing xylem), which are affecting the water transport negatively. Quantity of ultrasonic emissons events can be correlated with drought stress. The aim of these measurements is a better understanding of the water balance in trees, especially in urban areas....more


Completed topics:

Plant Lighting for Indoor Use

Stress Tolerance and Stress Adaption

Development of a Screening Concept to Identify Drought-Stress Tolerant Genotypes of Bedding and Balcony plants

Identifying Relevant Mechanisms of Drought-Stress Tolerance for Cut Roses

Optimisation of Methods for Testing the Vase Life of Cut Flowers

Establishment of a Solar Greenhouse which Runs on Heat and Power Generated from Solar Energy  Part B: Horticultural Issues


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