Zierpflanzentag Südwest 2016

"New Times-new Markets-new Chances?"

Symposium for ornamental plants in Geisenheim November 3 2016



Zierpflanzentag Südwest

"New Times-new Markets-new Chances?" This is the title of the symposium for ornamental plants in Geisenheim this year. Is it possible to differ short-dated events from real changes? This question  wil be the topic of the day.

“Golden Badge of Honor" for Dr. Molitor

Mr Molitor und Mr Gentzen Foto: ©FvRH

During the annual general meeting of the Association for Interior Landscaping and hydroponic e. V. (FvRH) in Cologne, Dr. Heinz-Dieter Molitor was honored for his merits to hydroponics. Hydroponics is among others a key focus of its scientific activities, so that the association honored him with the “Golden Badge of Honor” for his research and its cooperation in recent decades before he left in retirement.


German Society of Hydroculture (DGHK) hold a meeting in Geisenheim

The annual general meeting of the German Society of Hydroponic will take place in Geisenheim from 1th to 3rd of September. The meeting is starting on Friday with an innovation workshop, where scientists and practitioner exchange information in an entertaining and informative way.

The highlight of the day will be the presentation of the "Günter-Gregg-price 'of DGHK e.V.. The award is the first time given to a personality who has played a substantial role to the promotion of hydroponics. On Saturday morning, the conference will continue with the regular meeting. This will be followed by a tourist exploration of "Middle Rhine Valley at the Niederwald monument".  


On May 27, Tina Langkamp successfully defended her doctoral thesis which deals with characterization of stress tolerance of Impatiens New Guinea hybrids. The examination took place in Berlin at Humboldt-University.

Congratulations on getting your Doctoral Degree.