Urban Horticulture and Ornamental Plant Research

Plants that grow in urban indoor and outdoor areas are exposed to extreme environmental conditions which have negative influences on development, growth and health. Habitats such as vertical walls, roofs and containers with very restricted area for the root system are particularly difficult because these locations often have widely varying conditions concerning temperature, humidity, light and water supply. In order to solve these problems, research focusing on plant production, selection of plants (species and variety), and substrate, nutrition, health and technical implementation is necessary.

In interdisciplinary projects, environmental conditions are studied among consumers, and new production processes for stress-adapted ornamentals are then tested. Other focal points of the research are green walls and the function of microorganisms (eg fungi and bacteria) in the root zone, because soil microorganisms can help plants to survive in extreme habitats.

The researchers of our institute collaborate closely with the business areas of ornamental- and woody-plant production, horticultural supply, as well as internal and external, national and international research partners.

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Departement of Urban Horticulture & Ornamental Plant Research

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