Below please find calculations about the prognosis of Plasmopara viticola and Erysiphe necator.

These calculations are based on mathematic forcast models, which have been evaluated before.
Our purpose is to support the governmental advisory teams not to be in competition with them.

We do not assume liability for interpretations or conclusions of third parties using our expert systems.

The data are refreshed daily at 07:30 am.


The calculations (April - August) about soil-born and secondary infections are based on the Geisenheim-prognosis-model.

graphics of soil-born infections

graphics of secondary infections


The prognosis (risk) of Erysiphe necator (Oidiag 3.0 following Dr. Kast, former SLVA Weinsberg) is calculated in Vitimeteo.

Vitimeteo: Erysiphe-prognosis

monitoring of Drosophila suzukii

The monitoring tries to characterize the infestation risk for Drosophila suzukii.
You can find the results of trap catches (adult female and male insects) over the year and the infestation of bunches (severity in %) at different cultivars (beginnig at 60 degree Oechsle) for Geisenheim.

monitoring Drosophila suzukii

monitoring of Empoasca vitis

Flight activity of the adults (yellow traps) and appearance of the larvae are observed to give a hint on the best period for plant protection measures.

monitoring Empoasca vitis

grape berry moth

The following calculations show the best moment for the suspension of the RAK-dispensers. We use the "Neustadt-model", which calculates the appearance of the first moths based on temperature sums (starting point: March-01).

suspension of RAK-dispensers: sum of temperature

weather forecast

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(location of Geisenheim):

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