Center of Landscape Architecture & Urban Horticulture

Department of Open Space Planning

Open spaces and green areas are essential factors for the quality of life in cities and communities, and must consider a wide variety of requirements by very different user groups.

Department of Environmental Conservation & Assessment

The tasks in the field of environmental conservation and assessment are subject to new social challenges for the conservation of biodiversity, the development of cultural landscapes and metropolitan regions and are relevant for environmentally-friendly infrastructure planning and watercourse development.

Department of Urban Horticulture & Ornamental Plant Research

Plants in urban indoor and outdoor areas are exposed to many extreme environmental conditions which may adversely affect their development, growth, health and appearance. Please see for more our department website.

Department of Vegetation Technology & Landscaping

Planting locations on roofs, facades and walls and in containers with very restricted root space need to be considered, dealing changing and sometimes extreme conditions regarding temperature, humidity, light and water supply. This type of landscaping places high demands on plant production, plant selection, substrate, nutrition, plant health and the technical execution of projects.


Prof. Dr. Stephan Roth-Kleyer
(Deputy: Dr. Heinz-Dieter Molitor)

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