Center of Applied Biology

Department of Phytomedicine

The Department of Phytomedicine conducts research on plant pathogens and pests of grapevines and horticultural field and greenhouse crop plants, with a focus on the development of eco-friendly plant protection strategies, the improvement of methods for diagnosis and an analysis of interactions between plants, pests and microorganisms.

Department of Grapevine Breeding

The Department of Grapevine Breeding conducts clonal selection on traditional German varieties, aiming for better performance, in particular higher botrytis tolerance, and cross breeding of rootstocks with complete phylloxera resistance and good site adaptation.

Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition

Department of Botany

Working group Climate impact research

Working group Plant ecology and environmental protection


Prof. Dr. Annette Reineke
(Deputy: Prof. Dr. Ernst Rühl)

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