Park Villa Monrepos

Rüdesheimer Straße 5, Area: 3.6 ha, open to the public
The grounds around the historic, 19th century Villa Monrepos is made up of a variety of woodland plants and a wide range of roses and climbing plants.
Eduard von Lade, forefather of our research facilities here at the university lived in Villa Monrepos, and played host to such illustrious guests as Kaiser Wilhelm I and Bismarck.

Ground plan "Monrepos"
Tree plan "Monrepos"
List of trees "Monrepos"

Park Von-Lade-Straße

Von-Lade-Straße 1, Area: 3 ha, open to the public

The park of the main campus, located at the Administration Building, is mainly woodland and of particular dendrological interest, with some trees which are over 100 years old. Work on the park was begun in 1870, and, although it was originally planned as a vegetable garden, has undergone numerous changes over the years which have given it ist current character.

Tree plan "Administration Building"     

List of trees  "Administration Building"

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