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Deciding on a study program at Geisenheim University means, first and foremost, high-quality, practical teaching and market-led, future-orientated research. The high quality of living to be found here in the Rheingau is an added bonus!

Geisenheim university is a classic ‘Campus university’, in that all our teaching and research facilities, student accommodation and other student-related facilities can be found, in close proximity to each other, on, or very close to our park-like grounds, which form an attractive backdrop for numerous internal and external events throughout the year. Teaching and research takes place in modern classrooms and lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories, our own winery, beverage production facilities and greenhouses, as well as outside in our vineyards, orchards and garden areas. 

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There is a special atmosphere in Geisenheim, which encourages a very close relationship between students and teaching staff, and we also benefit from very closely interconnected institutes within the campus, the synergies of which are utilized to their best advantage within our study and research programs. Additionally the Geisenheim Center of Horticulture, a part of the Hessen Department of Agriculture, with around 17 employees, has also been part of the campus for the past few years, providing invaluable support in our horticultural research and training.

“A time to make friends”, the official slogan of the Football World Cup 2006, held in Germany, also reflects the experience of living and working on the campus in Geisenheim. Priceless networks are formed both nationally and internationally, as people from all over the world gather here, in one of the most beautiful parts of Germany, to exchange and advance research and teaching information. Our areas of expertise: wine, the horticulture business and the shaping of the areas we live in through landscape architecture, are things which naturally inspire people. Add to this our long history and the global orientation of our graduates, and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable, successful and very enjoyable time in Geisenheim, as confirmed by hundreds of Alumni.

Our Alumni Association, “VEG”, with over 2,500 members, is only one of numerous associations, clubs and networks which have developed on our campus. The “Society for the Promotion of Geisenheim University” (“Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Hochschule Geisenheim”), the Director of which is the former Federal Minister, Dr Franz-Josef Jung, is based here, while the well-known “German Enologists‘ Association” (“Bund Deutscher Oenologen e.V“) has a close relationship with the campus, having an office here as well as the editorial office of its magazine “Der Oenologe”. Two student associations; the “G.V. Rhenania” and the “Rheno-Concordia” also contribute to the social life in Geisenheim.

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